“Having gone through a couple of surgical procedures through modern medicine and having complications which is traumatic on every level, I believe that Joe did etheric surgery on me and the positive results were immediate. When Joe started working on my chakras, I felt as if I was being teleported to another dimension and back with a sense of vitality physically, emotionally, mentally, and spiritually. Much love and gratitude to you Joe. We are all blessed for the work that you are doing.”  Kimberly Berkley (Thornhill, Canada)

“During our healing session as Joe invoked the angels and violet flame, I felt massive surges of energy lifting me upward after his every out breathe. I also felt my aura cleansing and expand. I felt as if weight was being lifted off my shoulders and head area. My mood and overall energy was significantly elevated. I could imagine how much more benefits I would receive if we had done the session in person, but alas time space and money were a factor. Much props to you Joe and the angels, can’t wait to meet you one day and really do some work!”   Louis Caraballo (Lawrence, MA, USA)

“I had a horrible migraine when I was attending a health show in Toronto of 2014. It was the pressure I remember it was raining that day and I had to start my shift at the booth I was at. I was concerned about how was I going to get through  with this migraine. I went to several booths with people giving me their energy healing and  it wasnt working. I had a coffee hoping it help but it didn’t go away. So as I seen Joe Eigo with his beautiful vogel crystal I called him over and told him I had a migraine. He quickly pointed his crystal wand at my 3rd eye (pineal gland) in the middle of my forehead.  In just minutes it disappeared and I was so grateful  that he was there with his vogel crystal. Thank You Joe for making my day! ” Filomena Waechter (Barrie, Canada)

“There is no doubt that Joe loves crystals…not only is he highly passionate about them, he does great healing work with them. We are all energetic beings. We give and receive energy and often we also absorb other people’s energy, which can sometimes be of lower frequencies. We are not taught anywhere that we can ‘contaminate’ ourselves with negative energies and we are not taught in society any means to discard of it. I met up with Joe in hopes of getting rid of the negative energy that I have absorbed from my work environment, family, friends and society in general. At first, I was a bit skeptical..[I have never really heard of crystal healings and I didn’t think that crystals have powers] but I went thorough with it. I am so glad I did! Joe explained to me how they work and after the healing, for the first time in my life I felt my energy centres [chakras] open and alive. I could feel energy flowing from the top of my head to the bottom of my spine. I felt so much lighter and alive. Since he has done the healing, I feel that I am not taking life as seriously as I used to and that I can tune into joy & laughter much easier, not to mention that I feel much happier. Thank you Joe for the work that you do!!! It is much appreciated!!!” Sonia (Toronto, Canada)

“After having a crystal healing with Joe, I felt amazing. Like I could run for hours. Actually I did skip around in the grocery store a bit. His warm personality made the experience feel like I was with a good friend I’ve known for years‎ . I had only met Joe the one time that I had my healing through my mother who met him at a previous healing session. I highly recommend at least having an introductory healing if you’re new to crystal healing. See and feel the difference for yourself. It’s amazing.” Kim S. (Barrie, Canada)


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