Joe Eigo – Master Healer For The New Humanity

My Mission is to Awaken Humanity, Create an Enlightened Society, and Heal the World

Joe Eigo at Mt. Shasta Vortex

Joe Eigo at the Mount Shasta Vortex

My name is Joe Eigo and I am a master healer here for the co-creation of the New Humanity. My modalities include energy healing, personal empowerment coaching, public speaking, and aerial vortex gymnastic training. I have been featured on the TV show Stan Lee’s Superhumans (on History channel) for my gravity defying abilities. I also have a viral video on YouTube called The Matrix For Real which gave me opportunites in film to do stunt work and to be part of Jackie Chan’s stunt team (here is a video from my experience). Along my path I came across a product called Tahitian Noni and I noticed that it helped me to heal fast and gave me lots of energy, endurance, and stamina. Later on Tahitian Noni found out that I was taking their product and they offered to sponsor me as a celebrity spokesperson. In the years following I started eating more superfoods and experimenting with other alternative health modalities to further my personal potential. I became aware of and started understanding my innate gifts and abilities through astrology. These understandings helped me to empower myself to fulfill my destiny. In May 2010 I had a tremendous spiritual awakening which brought my conscious awareness to new levels and from there I started on my path towards becoming a master healer and spiritual empowerment facilitator to help others reach their potential in their own journey.

Master Healer for the Golden Age

Joe Eigo performing Healing Magic

Joe Eigo performing Healing Magic

I am trained in different energy healing modalities and have created my own style based on all of them. My healing powers are connected to the Elohim level which corresponds to the creator energy and its essence is of pure light.To take my healing practice even further, I now use a 144 Vogel Phi Crystal which is a healing tool of the highest order and is designed for planetary healing. Shortly after acquiring this sacred tool, I had the pleasure to be in the presence of world renowned healing medium John of God. When in his presence, he recognized me as a powerful healing medium and blessed me and my 144 Vogel which took my abilities as a healer to new levels. I am now ready and empowered to heal others as part of my mission to help create Heaven on Earth. I currently reside in the Toronto area and do in person appointments locally but I’m also available for long distance healing. I am also looking to travel and take my services abroad and bring light into other places.

Personal Empowerment Facilitator and Superhuman Training

Joe Eigo in an Aerial Vortex Backflip

Joe Eigo in an Aerial Vortex Flip

One of my other passions is public speaking and helping others in coaching sessions. I enjoy working with people of all ages and especially children to help empower them as they are our future leaders. I enjoy to teach others about modalities to help them reach their potential through the power of crystals, superfoods, meditation, positive attitude and the law of attraction. I help others to help them know themselves better by empowering them and guiding them to the right directions to facilitate this process. I also enjoy to coach others in aerial vortex gymnastics to help them overcome fears and facilitate new potentialities within their own body as techniques to help embody the soul.

Inquiries for My Services

If you are interested in hiring me for healing, public speaking, or empowerment and superhuman training go to my services page for more info.

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