1619136_10152648846892544_1294043298238461552_nEnergy Healing

My energy healing abilities are multi-dimensional and very direct. I work on the etheric levels addressing health problems at the traumatic level. Sometimes these problems have been embedded in our soul from past lives or by other complications in the energetic realms. I summon Archangel Michael and invoke the Violet Flame.

I do remote healings to anywhere in the world. I also do them in person in Southern Ontario. I’m also willing to travel to most places around the globe to perform healings and also assist in reversing effects of geoengineering and other environment disasters and complications. Email me at or call (416) 571-3840 to find out more or to arrange an appointment.


List of Services

7 Chakra Healing – Balancing and empowering each chakra

Focused Power Healing – Focusing healing energy to any area of the body that needs healing or towards any illness )   

DNA Activation – This for the serious initiate of the ‘Light’. My DNA Activation will help to re-calibrate and activate you into your True Power. When doing this, it is not necessary to do the above healings as DNA Activation supercedes all of my services heal at a much deeper level. 

Bringing Rain to Areas Experiencing Drought – I am willing to travel anywhere to assist in bringing rain as long as my expenses are covered. 


10422330_10152652015657544_7104853198288129258_nMy healing abilities also assist in:

– removing past life trauma

– negative entity removal and exorcisms

– removing/clearing karma

– energetic cord cutting

Contact me to book and discuss pricing at or at (416) 571-3840



Other Services

Teaching How To Work with and Perform Magic with Vogel Crystals – My dream is to teach as many people as possible how to work with Vogel crystals to help heal others and our planet. Together we can all make a difference by doing our part. I want to empower you to take your contribution to humanity to the next level.

Teaching How To Protect your Aura from Negative Entities – We live in a world that is lurking with negative entities that hijack people’s auras. These entities attach to people for many different malevolent reasons. This could affect your health, consciousness, and can influence you to do things that do not serve you or others. I can train you to be able to get a handle on this. The more light you carry increases your chance of being a victim.

Personal Empowerment Coaching – I enjoy empowering others to live at their fullest potential. My energy is very uplifting and positive and I walk the talk in my everyday life. As a personal empowerment coach I can help you to create the life you want and to step into your power as a divine being of the New Humanity.

Planetary Healing – As a Light Warrior, my passion is to help heal the planet. I can offset the effects of Geoengineering and dissolve chemtrails. I can bring rain to areas suffering droughts and can also use my energy in many other positive ways. I will travel to most places in the world as long as expenses are covered.

Public Speaking – Public speaking is also one of my passions. I am available for public speaking engagements to help empower others. If you’d like to inquire further, please email me at


Interested in Purchasing a Vogel Wand or Pendant?

I can provide more information to help you acquire Vogel cut crystal wands and pendants and I can even help you get ones that are custom made through my network. Contact me for more information.

Email me at or call (416) 571-3840 to find out more or arrange an appointment.




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